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Menampilkan postingan dari Juni, 2016

Focusing on the CANs not the CAN'Ts

This week I had my CFS service initial assessment (I've had CFS since 2009, but had an initial assessment due to starting with a different team after moving areas). It was positive and the person I saw was really great. She spent a couple of hours with me, and got a good grasp of my current situation and how I've ended up where I am, and took time to understand things from my perspective. Some of what we discussed, I hadn't anticipated discussing, particularly trauma-related stuff, so that was quite hard, but called-for, and I liked the way she went about it- never pushing me into discussing things I didn't feel able or ready to, and never making me feel unbearably uncomfortable. I always find discussions around the mental health aspect of my problems (and the events that have caused them) difficult, but the lady I saw was understanding, empathic and supportive. I haven't come away feeling full of optimism and hope and positivity- she's not a miracle worker- bu…