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Adapted cutlery product reviews- compare and contrast

I have been given these products by the sites mentioned to enable me to write this post. Although the products were gifts, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by any of the companies.

The 3products I am reviewing are the NRS Healthcare Kura Care Cutlery Set from NRS, the Comfort Grip Cutlery Set from Stress No More and the Red Handled Cutlery Set from Co-operative Independent Living.

I decided to write this post due to my own difficulties using standard cutlery (as a result of weakness in my hands from several conditions, reduced dexterity, and significant fatigue-related difficulties), and the fact I have become aware both of the number of potential options when purchasing adapted cutlery, and the difficulty obtaining useful advice or comparisons; I decided I'd like to write a blog post to help others in a similar situation to mine by exploring and demystifying the various options. Many thanks to all 3 companies for their enthusiasm, support and…

Back to hospital I go!

I found out on Wednesday that I'm going to be admitted into hospital again.
Shocked is an understatement. I wasn't expecting it at all. Not one bit. Even now it doesn't feel real.
I'd gone to hospital for an outpatient appointment in a spasticity clinic with a rehabilitation medicine consultant. I thought it was a case of assessing whether I had spasticity and if so deciding whether to go down the route of Botox injections or muscle relaxants. I thought that was as drastic as it was going to get..
I arrived at my appointment to be greeted by the consultant, another doctor, and a neuro-physio.
As some of you know, I have medical/post-hospitalisation PTSD, following some traumatic experiences and an incident where I was treated abusively by 2 members of staff. Hospitals and I don't mix well, so I was pretty anxious.
She started taking a bit of history about how I ended up how I am. It's always hard to know where to start given that I've had chronic conditions sinc…

Medication change, update etc.. (Mostly mental health)

It's now 9 months on from my first non-epileptic seizure (or the dystonic reaction that triggered them- debate with my doctors, they don't know) and being admitted to hospital. The last year, and particularly the 3/4 of it with FND, has been such a rollercoaster: physically, mentally and emotionally. But, I've lived to tell the tale, I have friends and family that love and support me, and professionals doing their best for me. I don't pretend a single day is easy, because it isn't at all, and the pain and suffering are overwhelming at times, but I have amazing people in my life riding this rollercoaster with me, or willing to step aboard as needed. My PTSD is a constant nagging reminder of how awful humans can be at times, but although my PTSD doesn't like me to believe it- they are certainly outnumbered by the good ones. No-one will ever convince me that there aren't bad people, that they aren't where you'd least expect them, or that I won't co…